How It Works

Seeking Capital

Establish a link from your brand

Use social media and direct response from your company website to send potential investors directly to your Sprowtt site.

Quality & Control

Verify potential investors for relevant qualifications with the Sprowtt qualifier questionnaire. Eliminate unqualified investors from the beginning and exert real time control over investor offers and compliance issues.

Investor Communication & Compliance

After you secure an investor, keep them in the loop with the Sprowtt Investor Communications Tool. This tool can inform investors every quarter and can also notify them of any significant changes or developments within your business via video or audio documents. In addition, the tool allows investors to update their contact information in a convenient manner.

For Licensed Brokers and Attorneys

Attract More Clients

With the streamlining and automating capabilities of Sprowtt, you can easily scale the number of clients you serve without overloading your law firm’s workload capacity.

Reduce Risk

Get notified in real time when your prepared securities or related business documents have been placed in distribution. Quickly verify the qualification of any interested investor. Watermark and date your clients’ prepared documents for compliance and to make official any changes made to any offers.

Offer More Services

With Sprowtt, you can grow the scope of your firm by offering more legal and related broker dealer services such as due diligence, patent law, and trademark law.

Colleges, Universities & Incubators

Higher Education Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations

Sprowtt is the perfect solution for organizing and streamlining fundraising efforts for any cause or project in need of support.

Website Developers

Diversify the suite of online presence services you offer by linking Sprowtt directly to your clients’ website.

Angel Groups

Sprowtt is a great way for investors to support ongoing projects, complete necessary funding, and to stay abreast of all the changes and developments that occur with their investment.

What Our Clients Say
Berny Dohrmann/ Founder CEO SPACE

"CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL endorses Sprowtt to our entire USA entrepreneur community for over compliance in both state and federal securities laws"

Brain Kunzler / Attorney Kunzler & Associate

Sprowtt Helps protect your Intellectual property through permissions and with its firewall features while raising capital.

Lisa Lockwood / Undercover Angel
Sprowtt allowed me to keep all my project documents confidential while I controlled access to the information to key potential investors.
Steve King / Entrepreneur

"Sprowtt enabled my company to raise capital quickly and smoothly with its interactive video, streaming PowerPoint, and document retrieval features for investors."

Dave Phillipson / CEO SPACE

Sprowtt is a must have legal compliance tool for any company trying to raise capital. Sprowtt delivers a full multimedia approach to investor presentations.